Your life will be much easier


No batteries, light bulbs, electricity, or testing.

LEED Credits

LumAware EXIT signs qualify for 3 different LEED credits: EA, MR, and ID.

Significant Cost Savings

Over electric EXIT signs.

25 Year Warranty

Every LumAware has a 25-year warranty.

Recharged Indefinitely

With as little as 5-foot candles of ambient light, which is always available where egress lighting is required.

Exceptional Customer Service

Certified fire/building inspectors who are all available to personally assist in answering any questions or concerns with replacing traditional signs with LumAware.

The Problem With Electric EXIT Signs

Watch the videos below for helpful information about what low-cost, maintenance free Photoluminescent EXIT signs can do for you and your organzation.

Eco Friendly Photoluminescent EXIT Signs

LumAware Energy Free EXIT Signs

Save Money with Zero Energy EXIT Signs

Maintenance Free EXIT Signs

Replace Your Tritium EXIT Signs with LumAware

EXIT Sign Energy Use By The Numbers

The facts are in: LumAware’s Photoluminescent EXIT sign technology saves cost and energy over LED, Fluorescent (CFL) and Incandescent lighting options. It’s a critical long-term investment for facilities looking to improve their bottom line, increase safety, and decrease maintenance time.
Exit Sign Lighting Technology Annual Energy Costs Annual Energy Costs Lamp Service Life Annual Carbon Dioxide (C02) Pollution
LumAware Photoluminescent 0 kWh $0 Not Applicable 0 Pounds
LED 44 kWh $4 10+ Years 72 Pounds
Fluorescent / CFL 140 kWh $11 10.8 Months 230 Pounds
Incandescent 350 kWh $28 2.8 Months 574 Pounds

Table from and modified to include LumAware Photoluminescent.

Energy Savings

Annual Energy Use and Costs

Annual Carbon Dioxide Pollution

LumAware & LEED

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